Unlock & Realize Your Career Potentials

Have You Ever Wondered What Else Is Possible For Developing Further Your Career? Now Is The Time To Find Out!

Each and everybody of us has tremendous potential for growing a rewarding career. However, many of us are not aware of what we are truly capable of. And what other possibilities for creating a career we could choose. Unlock & Realize Your Career Potentials is a four-week consulting program in which we explore your career background, current status, find out what else is possible AND take the first action steps.

For whom Unlock & Realize Your Career Potentials?

This program is for everybody who feels that there are more possibilities for his/her career. The program is open to industry and skill set. However, we highly recommend booking this program if your industry or skill set faces a deep transformation ahead or is already experiencing it. Taking this program is also great if you feel “stuck in your career” or if an on-going “job hunt” is getting frustrating. Chances are that you are overlooking (bigger) potentials you could easily choose. If you were just aware of them.

Benefits Of The Program:

  • More awareness about your career and its potentials
  • More understanding of your “career dynamics”, past choices and how they benefitted you consciously and unconsciously
  • Increased Confidence – No longer feel “stuck in your career.”
  • Better abilities to see and make use of career potentials
  • Easier and better decision making¬†
  • A more rewarding career
  • and more

Booking and Fee

The Unlock Your Career Potentials program takes place over the phone, WhatsApp or Zoom and includes four weekly consulting calls (60 minutes),  in-between email support, and a wealth of efficient tips, tricks and tools to keep and use forever. The monthly course comes to you for a fee of 800 EUR (incl. VAT). If you live outside the Eurozone, please use this tool for currency conversion. You can book this service here or call +49 176 54 61 97 08.