What is a Discovery Call?

A Discovery Call is a free and easy way to know more about NEL Career Services, its values and principles, and its offerings. Let’s be honest; career services like executive search or career consulting come with a high cost, and you want to know where your money goes. And if it is worth spending. Also, there is another point you might ask yourself. Can I trust the other? Is my project / my career development in good hands? 

Not A Typical Sales Call

Discovery Call
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Please know that a Discovery Call is not a typical sales call. It is a “get to know” and even more a “get a feel” of what to expect when working with NEL Career Services. We will be talking about your specific situation, exchanging thoughts, and giving one or the other first recommendation on handling it. Free of charge. That’s NEL Career Services’ gift to you.

What is equally essential to create a focused yet relaxed atmosphere during the call. So, please make sure that you have time for the call. I do not recommend squeezing the Discovery Call between two crucial meetings.

Benefits Of Your Discovery Call

And this is what you will benefit from when you sign up for the free call:

  • 45 minutes of undivided attention, FREE of charge
  • At least three valuable suggestions for your specific situation, no matter if you book a service or not. Again, this is a gift to you. No strings attached.
  • A relaxed and unbiased atmosphere that inspires ease and encourages an open conversation
  • A road map on how to solve your situation (including timeline, necessary action steps, etc.)

And then we take it from there. If you are interested in working with NEL Career Services, you will receive a formal offer, including everything we discussed. Once you accept the offer, we can start right away.

And now, it’s up to you. If you are ready to find out more, please send a mail here to arrange your call. Ideally, you briefly outline your situation and let us know when you have time for the call. Thank you!