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Industry Expertise

NEL Career Services provides executive search across borders. We draw candidates from an extensive network across the European Economic Area (EEA), Middle East, and India. Our focus is on three key areas in which we have the most expertise. These are:

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
  • Energy Industry
  • Life Sciences

To give you an idea of our capabilities, please find below a sample list of successfully completed searches.

Industry Expertise - Food / Flavors
(Photo by Gabor Palla)

FMCG & Flavors

  • Managing Director
  • Marketing Manager B2B
  • Plant Manager
  • Manager Sensory & Consumer Insight
  • Engineering Manager (Turkey)
  • Engineering Manager (India)
  • Head of Key Account Management
  • Key Account Manager(s)
  • Technical Director
  • Flavorist(s)
  • Purchasing Manager EMEA (Direct & Indirect Services)

(Renewable)Energy / Power & TransmissionIndustry Expertise - Energy

  • VP of Business Development
  • Purchasing Director EMEA
  • Global Key Account Manager
  • Head of Learning & Development EMEA
  • Head of HSE EMEA
  • Sales Manager Czech Republic
  • Sales Manager Bulgaria
  • Head of Human Resources
  • Plant Controller
  • Market Manager EMEA

Industry Expertise - Life SciencesLife Sciences

  • Head of Supply Chain Operations
  • General Manager Quality EMEA
  • Quality Managers EMEA
  • HR Manager
  • Manager Compensation & Benefits
  • Marketing Managers (various areas)
  • Product Managers (various areas)
  • Key Account Managers (various areas)

For more information about NEL Career Services’ industry expertise and its way of working, please also have a look at the testimonials.   And feel free to reach out via the contact form here or call +49 176 54 61 97 08. Thank you!