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Hello, I am Nicole E. Lellek, your executive search consultant and creator of NEL Career Services. Welcome to the space where it gets a bit more personal than “just business” and where I share a bit more about myself. 

“Nobody Wakes Up To Be An Executive Search Consultant “

Many years ago, somebody told me nobody wakes up and decides to be an Executive Search Consultant. Or, as people prefer to say – a “headhunter.” Back then, it rang true for me. Growing up, I had no idea that this profession even existed. I grew up in a family that vividly discussed politics over dinner. Nobody ever got approached by an executive search consultant. Some of my family members would have loved to see me join a political party. But it never was any of my interests. Instead, I observed styles of communication and consequently started to study linguistics. More precisely, communication and communication models. In hindsight, a great asset for my later career.

From Business Consulting To HR

Nicole E. Lellek - Executive Search Consultant & Writer
Nicole E. Lellek – Executive Search Consultant

And then, there was the day when I noticed that studying languages wasn’t enough. Sure, it was great, and I loved it. But I knew I had to learn about business, too. So I took on a job working night shifts. As I had to be present at my desk mostly in case a client called, I used the “spare time” to learn about business. With this diligence in educating myself, I landed my first job at a business consulting company. My additional knowledge of communication came in handy as the company specialized in consulting and training sales teams on how to improve their customer orientation.

I stayed in business consulting for five years before realizing I was at the end of what I wanted to learn in the industry. It was time to move on. Looking for a new job, I came across an HR Manager role. In hindsight, another stepping stone to what I am doing today. I learned everything about HR administration and got a great overview of the full process from hiring to releasing personnel. And then it was time to specialize. A short time later, I found my first job in Executive Search.

From HR To Executive Search

Executive Search Consultant - Connections CreateI was fortunate to work for more than one industry from day one. Over the years, I must have served six or seven different ones. However, I quickly discovered the favorites I still work for today – Food/Flavors and Energy. Both fields I serve with great passion and from personal interest, too. Even as a child, I wanted to know how “energy works.” And I come from a family where good food was highly appreciated. Also, both fields undergo great change these days and we have by far not seen the end of this change yet.

Another point that differentiates me from other consultants is that I work across the European Union as long as I am in the business. Over the years, I established connections in Western and Eastern Europe. I developed a good feel of where to find good candidates for the industries I serve and how they can make a great fit personally and culturally.

What Else Inspires Me?

Executive Search Consultant - Connections CreateI started my career as a consultant, and today, I am still a consultant. I don’t want to do any other job. And, it is not that I haven’t looked at what else I could do. In fact, I did for a while – and returned. I realized I was already creating my “career dream” and that I didn’t have to search for “another calling.”

My job allows me to get to know many different people and learn about their perspectives on life and career. And I love meeting new people! What I love even more is bringing the right people together so they can create something greater. It’s great to see when “people click.” When there is this spark when people realize, “Yes, we can do something together.” I love progress. I want to see people and organizations thrive. I want to see YOU and YOUR organization thrive! And If I can support you on the way to more success – great!

Qualifications & Interests:

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  • Nicole Erika - Kissing The Edge Of Freedom
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    Master of Arts (M.A.) in German Studies, focused on corporate and political communication)

  • Five years of experience as a Business Consultant (focused on improving sales figures by better customer orientation)
  • 18+ years of experience as an Executive Search Consultant
  • Certified Burnout Prevention Consultant (additional knowledge in building resilience, overcoming anxiety, and more.)
  • German/English bi-lingual, additional knowledge in French, Spanish & some Italian
  • Interests: Creative expression by writing/publishing and stone carving (as Nicole Erika – Instagram profile here), Nature & Sustainability, Energy,
  • Get in touch via mail.