Direct Placement

NEL Career Services Direct Placement is a quick and risk-free way to get more candidates for your vacancies. It’s recommended if you already have candidates from your network and job advertisements but wonder if other (probably passive) candidates are interested in the role you offer. Assigning a costly full market search via Executive Search doesn’t make sense in this case.

How Does Direct Placement Work?

NEL Career Services - Direct PlacementThere is no need to make things unnecessarily complicated. If you have a request, please send a mail here or pick up the phone and call +49 176 54 61 97 08. We will discuss details and give honest feedback on how we can support you with an Executive Direct Placement.

If we can help you, we will contact suitable professionals in our network. If a professional shows interest, we gather all relevant information (CV, motivation, salary, availability), put it in a report, and send it to you.

NEL Career Services has a network in the following industries:

  • Food & Beverages (global network)
  • Flavors & Ingredients (global network)
  • Renewable Energy (European network, permanent roles only)
  • Energy-related B2B business of various kinds (European network, plus in the Middle East and India)

Please also read the testimonials here to learn more about what professionals say about working with us.

Benefits of Direct Placement

NEL Career Services - Direct Placement
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Trust – NEL Career Services has an extensive Executive Search background and in-depth knowledge of markets and people. Also, we pride ourselves on having long-lasting relations with former candidates and clients that often go back more than a decade. 

Risk-free – You pay only if you hire a candidate presented by NEL Career Services for a fee we have discussed before and put down in writing.

Guarantee – NEL Career Services guarantees three months if the candidate doesn’t work out or leaves on their own. However, this does not apply to significant organizational structure changes, job descriptions, or if the candidate is laid for economic reasons.

Transparency – NEL Career Services’ work is based on openness about what we do and how we do it. When taking on a direct placement request, we tell you honestly if we can help you and how. If we can’t, we will tell you right away. All of our time and energy is precious. We don’t want to waste it.

Interested? Let’s Proceed!

If you have an open role, you can send your request via our contact form here. Please describe your situation in a few lines. If you have a job description, please copy/paste it into the form. And if you prefer a more direct and personal approach, please call +49 176 54 61 97 08.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!