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Core Value - Do you know yours?
Many professionals choose their next job based on tasks, leadership responsibility, and salary. While these are essential factors, another one is often neglected but can make all the difference in creating a healthy, sustainable career. Match your core value against your potential employer values and use the result as an equally important factor for your decision. Do You Know Your Core Value? From experience – my own and others – I can tell you that
Career Question #1
Info: Career Question #1 marks the beginning of a series in which I will share empowering questions for your life and career. The original article was written in 2019 for another website and has been slightly redacted since. Sometimes I get requests from people who have been on the job hunt for a longer time. Seemingly without any success. While I fully understand the growing frustration with every rejection, I don’t buy into the candidates’
Discovery Call
A Discovery Call is a free and easy way to know more about NEL Career Services, its values and principles, and its offerings. Let’s be honest; career services like executive search or career consulting come with a high cost, and you want to know where your money goes. And if it is worth spending. Also, there is another point you might ask yourself. Can I trust the other? Is my project / my career development