Application Kickstarter

Land Your Next Job Faster With the Application Kickstarter!

NEL Career Services - Application Kickstarter NewDid you know that less than 30 seconds will decide your next career step? Less than 30 seconds is the average time a recruiter spends screening your CV. Not kidding! In some countries, like e. g. the US, it’s not even 10 seconds!

Based on this first impression, they will decide to have a closer look. Or not. Even worse, many companies use software to track the applicants (ATS systems), and if you don’t match certain keywords, your application will be ranked at the lower end with the risk that no recruiter will ever look at your CV. And yes, it’s frustrating. Very much so! 

BUT: All this won’t happen if you know how to navigate “the hiring system.” NEL Career Services has more than 15 years of experience in Executive Search and career consulting. We understand how hiring works on “both sides of the table” and developed a service to assist professionals on their next career step – The Application Kickstarter.

The Application Kickstarter Service In Detail

The Application Kickstarter program specifically addresses managers and executives across industries actively applying for a new position. NEL Career Services recommends using this service if you haven’t applied in a long time or are not seeing the desired results in your current application process.

The service includes:

  • NEL Career Services - Application Kickstarter NewThree consulting calls (60 minutes) over four weeks (maximum. You decide on your pace)
  • Plus, in-between email support.
  • Collaboration in creating your modern and ATS-friendly CV/resume according to 
    • Industry standards
    • Skill requirements
    • Regional requirements
    • Reasonable length
  • PLUS: Highlighting the unique benefits you bring to your new employer
  • Writing a short and convincing cover letter (yes, they still can make a difference!)
  • Using and expanding your LinkedIn network. Create new connections without coming across as “needy.”

Benefits Of The Program

NEL Career Services - Application Kickstarter NewThis program has been created on more than 15 years of experience in Executive Search and having read tens of thousands of CVs. NEL Career Services knows exactly what works and what doesn’t. Professionals taking this program will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Faster and more rewarding results in their job search (more responses, more invitations to interviews, more job offers)
  • More clarity and confidence about their career, achievements, and the benefits they will bring to a new employer 
  • Stronger presentation and networking skills

Interested? Here’s How To Move On!

NEL Career Services - Application Kickstarter NewPlease connect to NEL Career Services via the contact form here. Please outline your current situation and what you struggle with within your application process. Ideally, you also leave a phone number so we can have an initial call to get to know each other and outline more of the program.

If we agree to work together, you will receive a formal offer to accept, and we can start immediately!

Please note that this kind of service is tax-deductible in many countries. Please get in touch with your local tax advisor for more information. Thank you!

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