Executive Search & Specialist Recruiting

NEL Career Services provides highly professional executive search and recruiting solutions across the European Union. We specialize in finding rare talents and highly profiled executives by proven methods and strategies, coming from classical headhunting. 

NEL Career Services bases on more than 15 years of experience in cross-border executive recruiting. During this time we have created a valuable and trustworthy network that is growing every day.

Candidates – That Just Fit

NEL Career Services - Core PrinciplesNEL Career Services knows that every company has a strong interest in having the right person working in the right position. And we fully support this vision. Therefore, we bring you candidates that

  • match your desired skill-set
  • have an open-minded personality
  • align with your corporate values
  • are keen on driving change, and
  • create a long-lasting impact in your organization

Additionally, our background in business consulting provides us with an excellent understanding of the corporate environment. We know how the corporate environments work and what they struggle with – especially in times of change. In fact, most of our clients find themselves in a change management process when they approach us. And maybe, that’s why you found us?

For more information, please visit our Executive Search and Specialist Recruiting sites. To discuss your recruiting needs, please use the contact form here or call +49 176 54 61 97 08.

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